We all know that promotional products are popular.  Go to any trade show, community event, grand opening, and what do you see?  People flocking towards the free giveaways!

But how do you choose the right promotional item?  There are literally hundreds of thousands of items out there, and what excites one person might not excite the other.

Our tips for the choosing the perfect promotional products:

  1. Know your audience.  Is your audience a group of top clients or is your audience the “masses” at a large scale event.  Knowing who will be using your promotional products, and how, is key.  Your top clients will place a high value on a higher-end gift that speaks to them more directly.  A larger crowd may be happy with a lower level item that is fun and gets their attention.
  2. Create your budget.  When evaluating promotional items, always establish a budget.  How much are you able to spend per client?  Is the objective to get as many promotional items distributed as possible, or to make each item special and more high-end?
  3. Do your research.  There is no shortage of ways to get custom branded promotional items.  One can do a google search and pull up 1,000’s of providers.  Make sure you do your research and find a partner that can not only deliver you the promotional products you are looking for, but one that can offer you a high level of service, fair pricing, and a ongoing partnership that ensures your promotions are successful.
  4. Get feedback.  Once you have chosen the perfect promotional item, and it’s in the hands of your clients / or audience, ask how they like the gift.  If something resonates well, you’ll know you’re on the right track and can do more of this promotion in the future.
  5. Keep your eye on trends.  Last but not least, always keep your eye on trends.  People’s tastes are constantly changing, make sure you / your promotional product partner are ahead of the curve and offering promotional gifts that are modern and applicable.

About Total Brand Delivery

Total Brand Delivery is your partner in creating and executing comprehensive marketing promotions. For over twenty years, our clients have built brands, launched products, reached more people, built accelerated enthusiasm and become more efficient by partnering with TBD. It is our impeccable attention to detail that has defined the track record that keeps our clients coming back.  To learn more about what we can do together, contact us today!